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A brief Teaser from my up-and-coming book to be released late 2019

Photographs are finite - they have a definite boundary, and only show part of the view that surrounds you... However, when we take a moment to look around us, we aren't aware of any boundary or end of our vision. Photographs can't possibly show everything there is to see in a particular view, so in a sense, the view of your camera has been 'edited'. As the viewer of an image, someone has chosen what they wish to show the viewer, selected how much of that image they wish you to see, and which bits of it to focus your attention on. For this reason, you could give several people identical cameras in the same location and setting, yet the images they produce will be noticeably different. What I may term as the 'reality' of a photograph, is to an extent, the product of the sensitivity, creativity and personality of the photographer. Although we have come to accept that images produced by a camera are indisputable proof of an event frozen in time, thereby credited with being the truth (e.g. documentary images of war or police evidence in court), photography is not immune to manipulation. It can appear to be true, but is in fact, a fabrication (e.g. advertising).

Therefore, my book intends to show you about equipment, methods for shooting landscape, post-processing and printing, that will help you process good looking results time after time. A few exercises will be given throughout this book - after all, the best way to learn photography is get out there and simply shoot !


Before embarking on your photographic adventures, you have to carefully consider the equipment you wish to use.

It is difficult to understand what these may be if you are a beginner, however, you will find that more experienced photographers will be more that pleased to give you advice based on their own experiences. In the meantime, this chapter is dedicated to cameras, lenses and a multitude of accessories that will be essential to your needs.

The great thing about landscape photography is that anyone can have access to it with the most basic of equipment. Once you start to enjoy the beauty of the surroundings in the open air, you will learn to hone in on your creative eye. It is not always the best equipment that creates a jaw dropping image, it is the creative composition of the photographer who stands behind the lens. However, to give you full control over your creativity, it is recommended that you purchase a digital SLR (DSLR) system that is expandable and at a price you can afford....

Look out for the release date in my future blogs. #teasers #books #comingbooks #drafts #robertbarnes

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