Convert VHS 2 DVD and MPEG-4


Convert all your old VHS and Photographs  into DVD, including background tracks, titles, special effects and so much more... 


Robert Barnes Photography© will convert any of your old VHS video tapes and Photographs to a DVD, so that you can watch them again and again on today's ever changing technology.


If like many of us, you have hours of home video stored on old VHS tapes taken with your video camera! Then you face losing this precious movie footage forever. VHS tapes can deteriorate over time and the devices to play them on are fast becoming obsolete.

The quality of your new DVD/MPEG-4 file

will depend on the quality of the tape you supply.


The ONLY way to safeguard your memories for the future, is to transfer them onto DVD for better viewing...


£10 Per Tape (up-to 1Hr)

+ £2.50 per ½ hour thereafter

Example: A 1½ hr Tape will cost £12.50.

A 2 hr Tape £15.00.

A 2½ hr Tape £17.50

A 3 hr Tape £20.00

and so on ...

(Discounts on orders of 10 tapes or more)


Call us today for details !


We will preserve all your memories for generations to come !

Depending on the duration of your VHS, some may be spread over multiple DVD's

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